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Pathos - Level Concept Art

"Pathos will take you on a journey of discovery by guiding a young girl, Pan, through an unknown world.
Through the use of puzzles you will help Pan overcome her obstacles and travel with her through the strange lands. Perspective plays a huge role and offers you an interesting mechanic to play with. Gain friends, build paths and work around the mysterious Denizens."

During my 2nd and 3rd year at uni I participated in the development of an award winning mobile game called "Pathos". I joined the team late in the development process as a freelance concept artist to help them finalize the levels they needed to release the game. Before I joined the team, the developers participated with a prototype of this game in the "Dare to be digital" Contest, and thus won first prize and a publishing deal with Channel 4 / All 4 Games.

I worked together on this project with:
Rob Green (Programmer),
Luke W. Norman (3d Artist/Writer)
Mike Hindley (3d Artist/Rigger/Animator)

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot000 1

First Chapter Level Designs

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot6

Third Chapter Level Designs

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot000 2

Second Chapter Level Designs

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot9

Level Select Screen

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot5

Loading Screens for Various Biomes

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot000 3

Flipped Chapter 3 Mood Sheet. ( The game mechanic involves the main character switching between worlds to solve environmental puzzles)

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot4

Fourth Chapter Level Design

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot8

End Chapter Screens

Thomas andy butnariu screenshot7

Character Designs for the main antagonist and a secondary character